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To be the most professional, innovative and dynamic construction group in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.


To build organizational and institutional capacity, create wealth and employment, encourage innovation, develop professional capabilities, foster relationships locally and regionally, deliver best quality products and services and constantly ensure service beyond expectation.


RG Group of Companies is a leader in St.Lucia’s construction industry with subsidiaries giving St.Lucians the option of visualizing, designing and building their dreams. The Group consists of Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd (since 2012), RG Quarry Ltd (since 1999) and Construction & Industrial Equipment Ltd (started in 1995). Through embracing the vision of its team leader Mr. Rayneau Gajadhar, RG Group of Companies has provided citizens with a concrete plant that offers concrete specialization services, a superb equipment rental service, a full range of superior building materials and interior design materials, on time delivery and transportation services and house and land packages. The Group has accomplished much in St. Lucia being able to manufacture sand, asphalt and aggregates to supply the island and export throughout CARICOM. The Group’s success has been attributed to the support of St.Lucians and Caribbean people alike and so we have pledged to return the deed through an unmatched level of truly warm customer service and only the best quality of the products our people need.




RG Quarry Ltd


Year Established

April 4, 1995

January 12, 1999

October 2, 2012


Corinth, Gros Islet,

Saint Lucia

Cul de Sac,

Saint Lucia

Corinth, Gros Islet,

Saint Lucia




Hardware Store

Number of Employees

250 (full time)

300 – 500 (part time)

175 (full time)

100 – 200 (part time)

60 (full time)

Percentage of Repeat Clientele







Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd

Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd is recognized  as the  largest  locally-owned construction company in Saint Lucia, with over 500 employees and close to 100 pieces of heavy equipment and a seemingly endless supply of quality raw material. The group is well positioned as a leader in its field and our diverse portfolio encompasses civil infrastructure, residential building, commercial building and pipeline/communication infrastructure. We currently have projects in different locations around Saint Lucia. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are CIE Ltd. can handle it. That's because we bring to every job an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment.

In fact, construction has driven CIE Limited's rapid growth in the past decade and is a starting point for the company's diversification into its other business lines. With firm roots in its local market in Saint Lucia we are aiming to be a significant player in the Caribbean market for major projects in coming years. CIE Ltd. has been diversifying its market over the recent years and with a highly selective approach to order taking the company has driven steady growth.

Effectiveness and efficiency has lead CIE Ltd. to rapid and continued growth over the past 19 years and has made this company well positioned to meet the industry's demands. With a high percentage of repeat clients and great emphasis on customer service the RG Group is geared towards achieving its goals in providing overall service beyond expectations.    




CIE Ltd is a local leader in developing, managing, and constructing civil infrastructure. The company has adopted some of the best processes and technologies in the construction industry to assure quality results while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects for our clients. In addition, CIE Ltd. is experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.



Roads-                    More than 200kms of roads

Bridges-                 5 major bridge and 3 minor bridge projects including CFA piles

Runways-               Runway & Apron repairs to Hewanorra International Airport

Communities-        5 Community Housing Projects

Environmental -     50 environmental clean-up schemes

Waste Water-         1 Waste Water project



CIE Ltd. portfolio includes more than 50 residential units and a wide range of commercial buildings throughout the island, 28 of these buildings are built with unique in-house designs.

RG Quarry

RG Quarry Limited provides a range of products and services through the operations of its:

  • Aggregates Processing Division
  • Asphalt Division
  • Concrete Block-Making Division

Exports- RG Quarry Limited also has a  clientele for exportation of sand and aggregate. Monthly, material is being exported to Guyana, Trinidad, Grenada and Saint Vincent  just to name a few. There is also a Point-of- Sale outlet at its location. In addition, CIE ltd and RCIP also serves as sale outlets.



The major unit operations and processes within our quarry operations include:

Drilling & Blasting

Drilling is done with a heavy duty track drilling machine and the process involves drilling holes in the identified area of the rock with a preset pattern. The blasting parameters are designed to suit the rock conditions and gradation requirements.  The holes are charged with the explosive chemicals with the detonators attached then blasting is done using an exploder machine.  The blasting is carried out in accordance with safety and environmental regulations.

The in-house availability of our resources allows for synergistic backward and forward integration of group operations, which ultimately leads to us being able to achieve a competitive advantage over our competitors.


 Aggregate  Processing

Our Quarry and Aggregate Division is located at Cul de Sac, Quarter of Castries and occupies an area of approximately 160 acres of virgin land. We produce and supply a number of quarry products inclusive of:

  • Boulders
  • Pea gravel
  • Crushed aggregate
  • Sand fill
  • Mixed aggregate
  • Concrete sand
  • Crusher run
  • Plastering
  • Quarry waste


Our philosophy is to utilize new state- of-the-art systems for the production of high quality products that exceed  customer expectations at all times and maintain a competitive edge through innovation and continuous improvements. We aim to achieve this goal with our highly skilled team alongside state-of-the-art equipment at our Cul de Sac based plant.


  Asphalt Division

Our asphalt production operations are carried out on site in Cul de Sac in the Quarter of Castries. Our state-of-the-art asphalt mixing plant has a maximum production capacity of 160 tonnes per hour at 4% moisture.

The plant is equipped with multi-processors to accomplish quick processing and perfect weighing control. The plant has built-in controls which are user friendly allowing the operator easy access for data recording and retrieval. The plant is capable of processing different combinations of bitumen, sand , aggregates and is designed to produce the desired quality asphalt products.


Pumice Mining

Our Pumice Mining pit is located at Anse La Raye (west coast of Saint Lucia). The pumice sand is transported to the quarry in Cul de Sac for processing into Pumice Sand and Gravel by our state- of- the- art sand processing plant which has a capacity of over 175 tons per hour.

The plant screens and washes the pumice and yields high quality sand and pumice gravel. The production of pumice sand lessens reliance on imports and helps eliminate illegal mining of sand from the beaches. We have been fully supplying the local market with concrete sand since March 2006 .


Quarry Operations

The production and dispatch process is controlled and supervised by an experienced team of quarry personnel. There is also a point-of- sales outlet at this location.

Screening and Washing of Crushed Stones

Screening and washing of crushed material takes place in the screen deck and sandscrew. This equipment facilitates the washing, classifying and dewatering of fine material and has a production capacity of 200 tonnes/hour (approx.).

  Ready-mix Concrete Division

Through diversification and stronger synergistic integration processes, we have expanded our operations to include a growing range of premium quality concrete masonry products along with ready-mixed concrete as part of our offering.

CIE's concrete batching plants are conveniently located at Vieux Fort and Cul de Sac. With a capacity of 150 m3 per hour, we are able to cater to the demands of both small single-family dwelling type construction projects to large scale construction type projects and are able to supply up to a maximum of 800m3 of concrete per day. We offer free cost estimates, site visits, volume calculation and technical advice.

We produce a range of concrete types from blinding concrete (1500psi) to high strength concrete, sulfate resistance concrete and polypropylene mesh fiber (Fiber Mesh) concrete and are accessible to meet any requirement for specialized concrete mixes and grout products.

Our efficient services and willingness to supply concrete even to remote locations across Saint Lucia sets us apart from other suppliers. We are also adequately equipped to provide both delivery and pumping services to meet the individual needs of our customers.













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