Please share your name, mobile number, email ID , website, brief about about the startup. Send this email to editorial@yourstory.com with the subject line ‘Story Request – ’
No we don’t. If anyone asks for it, please let us know.
  • Should be a registered entity.
  • Should be at least 4-6 months old.
  • Generally avoid new feature/product launches.
  • Should have some market validation/traction.
  • Shouldn’t be an idea only, at least MVP stage.
Once accepted, a YS author will get in touch with you. And after the interview, it’ll take up to three weeks for the story to get published.
At YourStory, we live for startups and entrepreneurs. When you reach out to us please note and understand that it may not be possible for our team to get back to you immediately. We receive hundreds of emails daily, so it’s advisable to be patient. To help us help you, here are some quick dos and don’ts:
We are glad to accept guest columns that add value to our readers. All you need to do is to compose an email with [Guest Column for YS] in the title and attach the article word file with it. Send it to guestcolumn@yourstory.com. In the email, include a 3 line bio of yours and the pictures you want to use in the article. We try our best to get back with a response in 48 hours.
Please provide the following details in your email to kirti@yourstory.com: Event brief, location, website and date. In brief, please share the mutual expected deliverables.
For any advertising enquiry, please write to sales@yourstory.com from your official email ID. We will not entertain requests sent from personal/gmail/hotmail accounts.testing one.

What are the stores opening hours?

Mon- Fri: 8:00am- 6:00pm
Sat.- 8:00am- 3:30pm
Sun.- 9:00am- 1:00pm
Holidays- 8:00am- 1:00pm

What is RCIP's Price Guarantee?

Double back the price guaranteed

If I lose my receipt is it possible to get another copy?

Yes, with proper identification and statement of the products purchased on that particular receipt.

Does RCIP accept purchase orders?

Yes, purchase orders are accepted in agreement to the companies payment policy.

How does someone apply for a job with the company?

Currently, individuals can mail in their applications to the email hr@raycip.com or physically drop in an application. Interested persons can also come into our location and fill out an application form.

Does RCIP provide sponsorship or scholarships?

Yes under certain circumstances the company does make provision for individuals in need of assistance. Interested persons are to send in a written request for assistance which will be promptly responded to and kept confidential.

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